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Just Beyond the Door

812 Texas Street
Woodward, Oklahoma 73801

Monday - Friday 9:30am-5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm

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Spring is here and with it comes thoughts of warmer weather, love, spring cleaning, and much more.  Many of us take advantage of this season by giving our homes a well-deserved “brightening” after the deep rich colors of winter giving the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” true meaning.  As we search for things that add life and vitality to our home, we find ourselves yearning to go beyond the limitations of our tired home décor…beyond the generic table and chairs look…beyond the idea of what our home “could be”…beyond to a place that meets our every decorating desire.  There is such a place, and that place is found right here in Woodward, Oklahoma at Just Beyond the Door.

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Just Beyond the Door has been giving new life to our old home décor since 2010 with owner Polly Cruse at the forefront of all of our interior design needs.  Polly has a heart for customer service and an eye for detail.  She takes pride in greeting her customers at the door by name and has a reputation for going above and beyond for them.  One customer shared that they were working with a certain company that would not deliver, and they immediately thought “Polly would’ve done this for me”!  Another customer expressed how appreciative she was when Polly actually offered to remove trees from her own land to provide a unique wedding decoration. Polly is oftentimes found searching for that perfect piece to meet a customer’s needs even if that perfect piece needs to be handmade and customized.  Polly and her husband and owner of Cruse Woodworks, Tim Cruse, are up for the task of personalization and unique creations.  They also offer shipping throughout the United States on personal creations and products found at Just Beyond the Door.

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If you’re not in the market for personalized pieces, Just Beyond the Door has a variety of products sure to showcase your own unique design style.  From Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ® to Capri Blue Volcano Candles, Just Beyond the Door has a variety of decorating options.  You can also find an array of products to suit your kitchen needs as well, including some scrumptious spice and beverage blends.

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At Just Beyond the Door, unique arrangements and wreaths are bestsellers and one of Polly’s favorite things to create.  Just Beyond the Door does not purchase any pre-made arrangements as they pride themselves on utilizing their artistic ideas and high-quality flowers to design an assortment of specialty pieces.  Also at Just Beyond the Door, customers can bring in their own containers and plantar boxes for their customized arrangement.  They have also began offering silk outdoor arrangements that look so realistic you’ll want to go back for a second and third closer look. 

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Wedding Center
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As owner of Just Beyond the Door and an interior designer, Polly Cruse, loves her job.  Whether it’s recreating a space with brand new pieces or utilizing current décor, Polly loves everything about creating something new and exciting for her customers.  She also offers seasonal decorating as well as special event decorating.  Her current favorite style, which you can find throughout Just Beyond the Door, is the urban farmhouse look, but she definitely can develop any style a customer may desire. 

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When asked what she wants her customers to know about Just Beyond the Door, Polly said, “Just Beyond the Door may be a small Woodward boutique, but just because we are smaller, doesn’t mean we don’t offer the same things the larger chains do, and it also doesn’t mean we are more expensive.  We have unique items, and we really care about our customers.”  From our perspective, we would much rather walk into an establishment greeted by name and walk out with our own personalized piece, than enter a store where no one really knows you or cares if you’re there.  Maybe Just Beyond the Door and “Cheers” have it right because “sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name…and their always glad you came”!


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